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Welcome to Shaheed Krishnasen Ichchhuk Polytechnic Institute

About Us

Under the CTEVT umbrella, Shaheed Krishnasen Ichchhuk Polytechnic Institute (SKIPI) is one of the CTEVT constituent polytechnic institute established in 2018 to produce prediploma, diploma and certificate level manpower for technical and vocational sectors viz. Food and Dairy Technology, Forestry, Hotel Management, Agriculture (Plant Science), Architecture Engineering, Medical Laboratory, Pharmacy and Diagnostic Radiography. From the year 2021/22 school is conducting prediploma level Apprentices...

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Information Corner

Result Sewa Karar
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Happy New year 2080
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winter vacation, be safe and enjoy
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sewakarar form
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evaluation interview
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evaluation pr
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short-term training guideline
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Admission nirdesika diploma level 2079
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Flyers 2079
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production unit operation n mgt 2078
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School report 2022
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Full Paying Admission Brochure

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Full Paying Vs Classified



Information Officer

Kesharman Budhathoki

Information Officer

Phone: 9857831617

Why Choose Us?

Model Polytechnic Institute

We are model polytechnic institute of the Lumbini Province


Center of excellence for producing competent TVET professionals in Nepal (नेपालमा दक्ष TVET व्यावसायीहरु उत्पादन गर्नको लागि उत्कृष्टताको  केन्द्र)


  1.  ​Ensure operation, expansion and access of programs and services.
  2.  Ensure quality and relevance of programs and services.
  3.  Ensure institutional capacity development .
  4.  Ensure Institutional sustainability.


Produce competent TVET workforce for  people's prosperity (जनताको समृद्दीको लागि द्क्ष TVET कार्यबल उत्पादन गर्ने )

Subsidy and Scholarship

we contribute 68.34 % (NRS. 58,425,000) subsidy fee for students annually. We provide nearly 1.5 crore NRs scholarship to Nepali youths.