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Agriculture (Plant)


Course of Duration: the diploma in agriculture the total duration of this program is three years. 
Enrollment Criteria
1.    School leaving certificate (SLC) pass with minimum 45 percentages.
2.    SEE pass and C grade in two and D+ grade in one of the English, Math and Science
3.    Should pass entrance exam passed entrance examination organized by CTEVT.

Scope and Opportunities
1.    Work as a mid level technician (junior Technician JT) in Agriculture sector as prescribed by Public Service Commission, NARC and other the concerned authorities.
2.    Job opportunities in NGOs and INGOs.
3.    Work in various private agri farm and agri industries.
4.    Start an own agri-farm and be an entrepreneur.
5.    Continuing higher education (Bsc.Ag. / Bsc. Vet) in different universities within country or abroad.

Curricular Structure

First Year

Second Year

Third Year


Extension and community development

Commercial vegetable production


Agribusiness management and cooperatives

Medicinal and non timber forest product


Aquaculture and fisheries

Crop production


Introductory animal husbandry

Plant breeding and seed production technology


Principles and practice of Agronomy

Industrial Entomology and seed production technology


Plant protection

Ornamental Horticulture and Nursery Management


Soil management, conservation and animal Science

Fruits and Plantation Crops


Post Harvest Technology

Work Experience Program(WEP)


Statistics and computer Application


Course after Diploma in Agriculture
    Bsc. Ag, BVSC, Bsc.Fiseries, Bsc.Horticulture

College for further study: (for Bsc.Ag / BVSC)
1. TU (Tribhuvan University) and affiliated college
2. AFU (Agriculture and Forestry University) and affiliated college
3. PU (Purbanchal University) and affiliated college
4. FWU (Far Western University) and affiliated college
5. Diffferent universities around the world