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Food and Dairy


Food and Dairy Technology

(Three Year's Program - Semester System)


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  1. SLC Pass or SLC/SEE with minimum C grade in any two subjects and D+ in any one

Subjects of Compulsory Mathematics, English & Science

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TSLC in Food technology with minimum 66.68%

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·  Should pass entrance examination as administered by CTEVT

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The total duration of this curricular program is three years. The program is based on semester system. Moreover, one semester consists of 19.5 weeks and one academic week consists up to 40 hours excluding evaluation period.

Medium of Instruction:

 The medium of instruction will be in English and/or Nepali. Pattern of Attendance: Minimum of 90% attendance in each subject is required to appear in the respective final examination.



After completion of Diploma in Food and Dairy Technology the student will able to learn the following skills:

  • Able to formulate new Food products
  • Able to determine the approximate composition of Food
  • Able to operate and handle different Food & Dairy factories
  • Able to supervise  different Food & Dairy factories

Higher/ Further Study

B.Tech. (Food Technology) Four Years Food Technology program

B.Sc. (Nutrition and Dietician) Four Years program

B.Sc. (Biotechnology) Four Years program

Job opportunities:

  1. Government sector:
  • Assistant Food Technologist in Department of Food Technology and Quality control (DFTQC)
  • Assistant Food Technologist Regional Food research office (RFTQC)
  • Assistant Food Technologist Quarantine office
  • Assistant Food Technologist District food inspection / Division office
  • Assistant Food Technologist Quality assurance Technologist
  • Assistant Food Technologist in NAARCH
  • Dairy Technologist in DDC
  • Assistant Food Security Officer in Nepal Food Corporation
  • Assistant Food Safety Officer in Nepal Food Corporation
  • Assistant Nutritionist and Dietician in the Hospital
  • Lab assistant in Food Technologist College
  1. Private Sector:
  • Management (production / operation) in food & allied industries
  • Food technologist in ) in different Food & allied industries
  • Assistant HACCP and ISO auditor
  • Assistant Food Microbiologist
  • Assistant Flavor Technologist
  • Assistant Meat technologist
  • Assistant Technologist in different NGOS & INGOS

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